The best video games in 2018

When talking about the best video games, it should always be remembered that there are subjective questions to recognize that a title deserves to be distinguished in this way. Anyway, in this case we allude to a top of those who, for their impact on the market, are worth it sites.

The video game industry continues to be one of the most lucrative industries of the moment, and according to market trends and the customs of the young sector of the population, it does not seem that the consumption of running games of this leisure alternative will decrease.

Best video games of 2018

  • Dragon Ball FighterZ – It’s not one of the first fighting games to be built on the basis of Toriyama’s well-known universe, but thinking that there have been several minor releases that were somewhat irrelevant, this is a video game that has managed to reawaken the emotions of those who love this series.
  • Monster Hunter: World – Capcom is one of the star players and is also a success in Asia, although it is only recently gaining its place in the West. It is worth noting that with the quest to provide an open world and the highest quality graphics, it is now recognized as an adventure that cannot be ignored.
  • Metal Gear Survive – There are many problems that can be mentioned from Konami and that have an impact on mentioning this game as one of the stars in 2018, but if you think about the basics of the previous game and what it has been taught, it is worth it to be recognized. It is also part of one of the franchises with the largest number of fans in the entire video game industry, so you can’t rule it out.
  • A Way Out – It is a videogame promoted mainly by Electronic Arts, which although it is not an absolutely independent proposal, manages to maintain the spirit that for some players is always crucial when evaluating a videogame. Invite people to relate to two characters locked up in a prison.
  • Far Cry 5 – It’s a mythical saga from Ubisoft that to date has not disappointed in any of its installments, even when trying to experiment with time travel. The truth of the matter is that it is one of those titles that marks 2018 in a very interesting way, which means for this industry a novelty.
  • Crackdown 3 – With being as good as the previous release, it has been more than enough to position itself as a very good video game this year.

Finally, it only remains to be mentioned that with the days to come new deliveries will be added in the industry and that there are still a few more busy months to go if you look at the historical launches because the competition is growing.