Why Your Man Is Always Playing Video Games?

Why Your Man Is Always Playing Video Games?

No doubt you are not the first person (nor the last) to say the famous phrase “My partner won’t stop playing video games”, we know that deep down this hides a much bigger problem than it seems. Even in some cases, it happens that you have to go to watch porn videos on Sextag to get some pleasure because even “he has forgotten”.

Many people find it really hard to understand why someone would sit and play a single game for hours on end. You wonder if their partner really cares about you because on more than one occasion they would rather play online with their friends than watch a movie and spend the evening cuddling.

We have been on both sides of the coin, so we are here to let you into their brain and make it very clear that just because they play doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

Let’s get to it!

Can Be Him/Herself:

You may not see it, but video games are a parallel world to our own, where those who enter discover that they can be themselves and enjoy being as immature as they want without being judged.

A place where he can enjoy doing something he likes to do with a group of people with whom he gets along fantastically and like him enjoys sharing time together. It’s more or less like it for a beer with your friends only in the digital world.

For gamers, a video game is a world that allows them to forget about their problems for a moment (no matter how serious they are), it is a place that gives us peace.

A Place To Disconnect:

Believe me, when you had a crappy day at work and your boss kept screwing with your head all day to get you to solve some “last-minute” problems, there’s nothing better than trusting your favorite game to focus on it and disconnect you from the world.

We could say that it is a self-meditation format in which you can release all the stress you accumulated during the day. In fact, if you have never tried it I encourage you to try it and you will see how you will change your mind, nothing like killing a couple of strangers in a video game to make you feel better!

The Perfect Place for Problem Solving:

It may sound pretty stupid to people who have never tried it, but the truth is that most video games involve a lot of strategies and will force you to think outside the box. When you least expect it, the game has opened up your way of seeing things so much that already in your head you are solving everyday problems that you haven’t been able to solve for weeks!

Believe me, I know what I am telling you!

Some Of Us Are Simply Too Competitive:

Does your partner love to compete for anything silly? Well there you have one of the main reasons why he/she can play video games non-stop, there is no better feeling than relaxing and showing some people who is the boss! Today’s online games are very competitive, and there’s a rush that comes when you’re trying to prove you have what it takes!


Let’s be fair, if your partner is an addict, out of work, who won’t get off the couch, let me tell you that you are absolutely right to be upset and ask him to get his ass off the couch and start producing money for the house.

But if on the other hand, he is a hard-working person, who contributes to household expenses and enjoys playing video games… you should let him be happy, at least not watching sextag porn videos or with a couple of strangers in a bar.

Remember that this is just a hobby and under no concept does it mean that this person does not love you!

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