Using marijuana to boost your creativity

The consumption of marijuana and creativity, share a close link that this time we intend to reveal, and is that, despite being an illegal product in many nations, the truth is that this has never been enough to prevent many people from having access not only to the pleasant sensations generated by their consumption, but also to that particular inspiration that stimulates and is so exploited by art lovers.

The sweet aromas of cannabis have been used to consolidate music stars, as well as common people from other fields such as literature, painting and sculpture, as a result of all this, the scientific community has carried out studies on the subject with the aim of revealing the enigma.

Marijuana as a source of inspiration

It has been shown that marijuana increases the activity of the frontal lobe, which is responsible for the creative capacity, divergent thinking and the search for different alternatives, however, it should not be believed that marijuana alone makes an individual the most creative overnight, this person must always have these inclinations and cannabis simply take care of boosting them or, in other words, let them flow more freely.

Consuming this hallucinogen stimulates the creation of connections between ideas and the relationship of concepts that would otherwise cost great difficulty, in the same way, sound changes are perceived more intensely and the individual usually feels the music with great intensity. However, too high and too frequent doses alter the attention and lead to the waste of these great ideas due to the dispersion that is achieved.

Relying on marijuana to boost creativity

Due to the influence that its consumption exerts on the perception of reality, this psychoactive alters the creative process of artists because their mental processes begin to take place in a more open way, the point is that this tendency must already be present and internalized in order to really achieve works with exceptional characteristics.

Marijuana varieties such as royal Jack and sour diesel, tend to relax the mind enough to be seized by positive feelings that lead to disinhibition and the consolidation of much more original ideas. Famous for its recreational use, the truth is that this plant can also provide a cognitive improvement that, after increasing dopamine levels, helps to see things from a different and less limited point, which is conducive to creative thinking.