Most common applications of gearmotors

The gearbox reducer is one of the inventions that has more notoriety and participation nowadays, since it is used in practically all the machinery that we have in our daily environment.

Its use, or at least one of them, is usually associated with applications where position control is particularly critical. Depending on the level of precision required for motion control, a particular type of gear will be used, and its arrangement in the gearbox, as these will be responsible for achieving greater or lesser precision. They redistribute the power of the motor by modifying the torque it exerts on the adjacent gearbox very efficiently.

How to maximize gear reducers

As a transmission system, the gearboxes of these gearboxes are very complex. An infinite number of reduction systems can be designed according to the particularities and needs of each application.

Its applications have evolved with the emergence of multidisciplinary controllers or PAC, which are systems that allow the integration of different motion control applications in the same system or equipment, which helps them to be easier and faster to implement and correct if any problems arise.

They are used to drive all kinds of industrial and everyday machines that need to reduce the speed of an electric motor in an efficient and, above all, safe way.

On an industrial level, there are many applications that they develop. For example, the mixing drum in cement trucks must rotate at a very specific speed. The motor that exerts the force to make it rotate does not do so at the same speed, and would not have the necessary force to turn several tons of steel. With the application of the reducer, it is possible to control the speed in a very stable, precise and safe way, which keeps the cement moving with a greater touch.

Another frequent use is in the textile manufacturing industries, as the movement of the industrial needles needs to use these controllers to ensure optimum embroidery speed in the systems.
They also have another important use in all kinds of catering machinery, such as industrial mixers, pressing machines and coffee grinders, industrial squeezers, cooling machines, industrial toasters, convection ovens, chocolate mixers, etc.

As technology advances, new devices emerge, which require very precise precision for their proper operation. Therefore, it is common for gearmotors to be used to ensure that this accuracy is guaranteed in a very safe and reliable manner. The number of applications is increasing, and it is no surprise that this effective set of gears is being used as a guarantee of safety.