In what cases can a labor lawyer be useful?

A labor lawyer how Marbenabogados is a professional specialized in Labor Law, who offers services to both workers and companies. The most common cases of hiring a labor lawyer are to resolve labor disputes, or to make consultations in the labor field.

A general lawyer was also able to advise us on labour issues, as this is one of the most important branches. But a labor lawyer is specially prepared and trained to resolve these kinds of issues, and will have a more competent update of the current legislation on the subject. Let’s take a look at the cases where it can be especially useful, and also some clues to find a good lawyer.

Cases where a labor lawyer can be useful

A labour lawyer can offer us a wide range of services, both in terms of advice and in the management of procedures.

For workers, some of them are helping us manage disabilities and retirements. In advice on harassment at work, mobbing, sexual harassment at work. Mediation and negotiation between workers and companies, in cases such as collective redundancies, among others. In proceedings for dismissal proceedings, such as unfair dismissal.

Claim of amount of payroll, dismissals, etc. Advice on a change in working conditions, to find out whether or not such a change is legal. Compensation for work-related accidents or illnesses. And to defend the worker against the denial of unemployment benefit with the public employment services.

For the company, they can help us manage redundancies, inform about current rights and obligations in labour law. In the resolution of collective conflicts. Processing and managing the redundancy plans, EREs and ERTEs. Drafting of employment contracts. And to search, evaluate and process hiring grants.

Keys to finding a good labor lawyer

Finding a labour lawyer can be a tedious procedure, especially if you are inexperienced in seeking employment advice. Today there are many law firms specializing in this sector, which makes the choice difficult.

When searching, a good key should be to look at the training of this professional. We should note that it has the corresponding expertise if we want more specialized advice.

The lawyer’s experience is also a good key. Knowing in which companies you have managed, or what type of workers, can give us an idea of the specific sector you usually work in. Because, if our industry is the hospitality industry, for example, hiring a lawyer who is used to working with people in that industry will give us a service more in tune with our needs, and will have a deeper knowledge of our industry.