Why Pokemon Go has been so succesful?

The numbers are so positive that they can already be compared to the success of Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The former sold two million units in a matter of three days, while the latter took a month to reach 1.3 million copies. These comparisons serve to understand that Pokémon remains a phenomenon in the entertainment industry. Compared to other titles in the franchise, they failed to surpass Pokémon X & Y, a delivery that sold 4 million copies in just two days. Pokémon Sun & Moon, the fastest-selling titles in the United States, will remain Nintendo’s greatest historical exponent.

The success in sales of pokemon games online also goes hand in hand with the great acceptance that has had the Nintendo Switch. To date they have sold more than 22 million consoles worldwide, a key number for good software numbers. In 2017, The Pokémon Company announced that 300 million Pokémon games had already been sold.

What does ASO consist of?

Before we start to investigate and soak ourselves completely in the subject of application optimization we need to explain well whether ASO and SEO are the same or not, as it can get confused when we call it the “SEO of apps”.

Simply put, both SEO and ASO are exactly the same, since both terms refer to content optimization, only SEO is for web and an aso tool is for store applications, whether Google Play, App Store or any other.